Sunday, February 8, 2009

Amos Steffes' Vegetable Beef Soup

(as written by Uncle Amos)

You need an 8 qt pot with or without a lid. Lid saves heat and time. 3# of chuck roast with bone in. Trim and cut meat. Dice 3/4 to 1 in two onions (size of an egg). Roast alone with bone and 1 1/2 c water. Salt good not much pepper. Cook about 1 hour.

While this is cooking, prepare carrots, celery, cabbage, potatoes. After slicing carrots and potatoes cover with water in separate pans (or they darken). 1/2 sack carrots, scrape and slice 1/4 in thick. 1/2 stalk celery (4 or 5 sticks)slice 1/2 inch. 1 small cabbage (size of a soft ball) slice and chop. 1 46oz can tomato juice by this time your hour should be about up.

Add carrots, celery, cabbage, and tomato juice. Slow boil 1/2 hour or until carrots is done (if ou can make it against the pot).

Now add potatoes (optional, one can green beans) cook about 1/4 hour. (or when tender)

Add 1/4 c regular rice and cook 15 minutes (or until you can bite a grain into bits)

Add extra salt to taste also extra water depending on your space or if you like it thick or thin soup.

Turn off heat you should have it made.

(although he seems to have forgotten, cool the roast and cut into pieces and add to stew when you add rice)

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